Florentine Mulsant


Great - Grandniece of Jules Verne, Florentine Mulsant was born in 1962 and studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris the traditional disciplines (harmony, counterpoint, fugue, analysis and orchestration) and at the Schola Cantorum, where she won the 1st Prize in composition in 1987 with Allain Gaussin. she followed the instructions of Franco Donatoni at Academia Chigiana in Siena (Italy) and perfected with Alain Bancquart.

From 1991 to 1998, she was teaching harmony and counterpoint at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne. In 2011, she won the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Prize from the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Winning many international competitions of composition, many of her works are commissioned and performed by great soloists and orchestras (Lise de la Salle, Quatuor Debussy, Quatuor Manfred, Quatuor Terpsycordes, Quatuor Gaia, Quatuor Akilone, Quatuor Bela, Svetlin Roussev, Vahan Mardirossian, Laure Favre Kahn, Lyonel Schmit, Hélène Schmitt, Henri Demarquette, Raphael Pidoux, Boris Andrianov, Florent and Frédéric Audibert, Xavier Gagnepain, Marc Coppey, Laurent Korcia, Anne Queffélec, Romain Leleu, Lise Berthaud, Adam Laloum, Yan Levionnois, Eric Crambes, Nathanael Gouin, Alexandre Chabod, Thierry Barbe, Marie Catherine Girod, Jean Baptiste Fonlupt, Lydia Jardon, Françoise Gnéri, Jean- Louis Beaumadier, Ensemble Sequenza 9.3, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, Orchestre Colonne, Orchestre National d’Île-de-France, Orchestre de Chambre de Genève, Orchestre National de Chambre d’Arménie, Orchestre des Pays de Savoie, Orchestre National de Caen, Orchestre Philharmonique de Trêves, Orchestre Symphonique de la Radio de Prague) and in major international festivals in France (Festival d’Auvers-sur-Oise, Festival d’Ambronay, Festival de la Roque d’Anthéron, Festival Cello Fan, Festival Musiciennes à Ouessant, Festival des Arcs,Festival Cordes en Ballade, Festival Fractales, Festival Présences, Festival Radio-France Montpellier, Festival de Chaillol), Germany (Beethoven Festival in Bonn), Lituania, Europa, Switzerland, United States, in Taiwan and Chile. The French music label Triton included one of her compositions on the CD Musique Française au Féminin. In 2007 the label Ar Re-Se published a monographic CD with her chamber music works with the Cello Sonata op. 27 played by Henri Demarquette. In 2011 she was awarded to the Prix Nadia et Lilli Boulanger of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.
Its Catalogue contains 123 opus, going from the work for solo instrument, chamber music, concerto and orchestra works.

Her discography includes a CD of chamber music (Ar Ré-Sé, 2007), a contribution to the CD Musique Française au féminin (Ensemble Latitudes, Triton, 2012) and the First String Symphony and the 24 Preludes for piano (Maestria, 2013). In 2016 were published her three Fantaisies op. 48 for violin and harp (Animato) and her Sonata for double bass and piano op. 52 (Triton). In 2017 were published a CD of chamber music (AR Ré-Sé, 2017), recorded during the Ouessant Festival as well as the Suite for String orchestra op 42 recorded in Armenia. This CD was selected for the twentieth Grand Prix Lycéen des Compositeurs

In 2018, there was a CD (Maguelone 358408) of music for solo violin recorded by Hélène Schmitt giving a link with the composer Johann Georg Pisendel (1687-1755).

In 2019, a new cd with her Concerto for Piccolo played by Jean- Louis Beaumadier is available at Skarbo.

In 2015, she is appointed as Composer in Residence at Marseille National Conservatory.

From 2013 to 2016, she was the Vice President of the Symphonic Music Commission in the SACEM.

In 2018, she was invited as composer en résidence at the Festival des Arcs.

In 2019, she has been decorated as Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres by the Ministre de la Culture.

2019 : Grand Prix Sacem, Composer of the year in Classical Contemporary Music.

In 2020, a double CD of her piano works is published at AR RE SE.
2021 : new Cd published by Skarbo with two works for piccolo.
2022 : She is appointed as Composer en Residence at the Festival Cordes en Ballade around her six String Quartet.
2024 : Nominated for the 31st Victoires de la Musique Classique Category Compositor
If she is influenced by the French School of the 20th century, particularly Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Olivier Messiaen and Henri Dutilleux, Florentine Mulsant’s musical style is characterized by a great expressiveness, a real freedom in language and the clarity of the musical form.

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Sonata for Piccolo and Piano op 57 Wind for Piccolo op 90 Véronique Poltz : piano Jean Louis Beaumadier : piccolo 1 Cd Skarbo
Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979) : Adagio (Poem), Comodo e amabile - Germaine Tailleferre (1892-1983) : Quatuor à cordes - Amy Beach (1867-1944) : Quartet for strings - Florentine Mulsant (1962 - ) : Quatuor à cordes n°3 Op.47 . Sous le label Skarbo. 1CD DSK4182.
Commande (Skarbo)
œuvres pour piano / Alexandra Matvieskaya, Lorène de Ratuld, Lydia Jardon
Sous le label AR RE SE. 2CD AR20198.
 Commande (ledisquaire.com)
CD - PICCOLO CONCERTOS - MULSANT - LIEBERMANN - ANDERSEN - POLTZ - CAMPO - DAMASE - Jean-Louis Beaumadier (Piccolo), Orchestre Symphonique de la Radio de Prague, dirigé par Vahan Mardirossian. Sous le label Skarbo. 1CD DSK3192.
 Commande (Skarbo)
CD - Pisendel - Florentine Mulsant ; Johann Georg Pisendel (1687-1755) : Sonate pour violon seul - Florentine Mulsant (1962-*) : Sonate de concert n°2 Op.45*, Suite de Concert Op.50* / *Création Interprète : Hélène Schmitt, violon. Sous le label Maguelone. 1CD 358408.
Commande (Maguelone)
CD - From Ushant island to Armenia- Florentine Mulsant ; Variations pour flûte et piano op.11, Vocalise pour Alto op.53, Quatuor pour clarinette en sib, violon, violoncelle et piano op.22, suite pour violoncelle op.41, suite pour orchestre à cordes op.42 Isabelle Duval, flûte ; Asako Yoshida, piano ; Lise Berthaud, alto ; Stéphanie Carne, clarinette ; Trio Tchaïka ; Ingrid Schoenlaub, violoncelle ; Orchestre de chambre national d’Arménie, dir. Vahan Mardirossian. Sous le label Arre-se. 1CD AR2012-1.
Commande (FNAC)
CD et DVD - French impressions - Florentine Mulsant ; Sonate pour contrebasse et piano op.52. Richard Dubugnon ; Sonate pour contrebasse et piano, op. 44, Claude Debussy ; Sonate pour violoncelle et piano en ré mmineur ( transcrite pour contrebasse et piano par Thierry Barbé en 2013) Henri Tomasi ; Concerto pour contrebasse et orchestre de chambre ( trancrit pour contrebasse et piano par Valentin Villenave sous le label Triton. Interprètes : Thierry Barbé; contrebasse, Jean-Yves Sebillotte; piano, Valentin Villenave; piano. 1CD et DVD TRITON: TRI331206. Order (FNAC)
1 CD FACE à FACE Symphonie N° 1 pour Orchestre à cordes op.32 sous le label Maestria records avec le soutien du Fond d'action SACEM et de l'ADAMI. Interprètes : Orchestre National de Chambre d'Arménie, Direction, Vahan Mardirossian. 24 Préludes pour piano op.38 interprète : Vahan Mardirossian, piano Steinway. 1CD MAESTRIA RECORDS : EMVI4. Distribution : CODAEX. Order (FNAC)
Reviews :
- ResMusica.Com (French) August 24th 2013
- Concertonet(French) August 2013
- L'éducation Musicale, juin 2013 (french)
Florentine Mulsant : Chamber Music. Sonate de Concert pour violon opus 19 ; Sonate pour piano et violon en un mouvement opus 21 ; Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle en 3 mouvements opus 23 ; Sonate pour violoncelle en 3 mouvements opus 27. Interprètes : Henri Demarquette (violoncelle), Lyonel Schmit (Violon), Fabrice Bourlet (Piano), Véronique Bourlet (Violoncelle).1 CD AR RE SE avec le soutien de la Fondation Hippocrène. 2007. 77’18’’. Order (FNAC)
Musique Française au Féminin. Claude Arrieu (1903-1990) : Quintette en ut (1953) ; Florentine Mulsant (née en 1962) : Quatuor In Jubilo (2002) ; Mel Bonis (1858-1937) : Suite dans le style ancien ; Suzanne Giraud (née en 1958) : Episode en forme d’oubli (1989) ; Elsa Barraine (1910-1999) : Ouvrage de Dame (1937). Ensemble Latitudes : Stéphanie Carne, clarinette ; Marianne Legendre : hautbois ; Isabelle Duval : flûte ; Annouck Eudeline : cor ; Valérie Granier : basson ; Jérôme Simon : violon ; Matthieu Lejeune : violoncelle ; Axel Salles : contrebasse ; Anne Thomas : piano ; Dominique Lacomblez : percussions. 1 CD Triton. TRI331136. 58’13’’. 2005. Order (FNAC)
Reviews :
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- Ouest France (French) April 2007
Reviews :
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