Florentine Mulsant

Florentine Mulsant is a French composer of contemporary symphonic music, born in 1962.
She is closely connected to the French school of the 20th century and places great emphasis on expressiveness and clarity of form.
After studying at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris, she devoted herself to teaching for 15 years, particularly at the University of the Sorbonne.
Her catalog of works with more than a hundred compositions includes all instruments, from works for a soloist to chamber music, concerts and symphonies.
Her sources of inspiration are poems (Saint-John Perse, Emile Nelligan and Paul Gagnaire), paintings with a special affection for Vermeer and Nicolas de Stael and travels: Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia and the Indian Ocean.
She works closely with the performers on her compositions, especially for soloists, in order to promote the exchange of a sensitive musical discourse.