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Concert String Quartet n°3 op 47
Festival les Cordes en Ballades Vogüe Jardins Suspendus du château
String Quartet Hémera
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  • Concert Conférence around the composition of contemporary piano organised by the Observatoire Musical Français
    24 April 2006
    France Paris Faculté de la Sorbonne Maison de la Recherche 28 rue Serpentine 75006 14h30
    A reflexion about the evolution of the writing of the piano nowdays will bring together musicologists, researchers and composers. As a composer, I will talk on my works for piano and present my rule in this field
  • Conférence Conférence around Saint John Perse
    16 March 2006
    Paris Faculté de la Sorbonne Auditorium des cours de Civilisation française 16 bis rue de l’ Estrapade 75006
    Around Loïc Céry,distinguished specialist of Saint John Perse, a meeting between poets, writers, sculptors and one composer will be proposed. Amers op 4 for piano will be the musical work proposed to illustrate the relations between music and Saint John Perse
  • Concert Concert conférence
    8 March 2006
    France Grand Theâtre de Clichy
    Marie Ange Leurent
    For the women’day, 3 creations for organ and organ and flute will be performed. A meeting with the public will be organised around my vocation of composer
  • Radio Broadcast Symphonie for strings op32
    24 February 2006
    France Musique 10h
    Orchestre Philharmonique of Radio France Conductor : Daniel Kawka
    Radio Broadcast of the concert given the 5th of February during the Festival Présences
  • Concert Sonate for cello op 27
    9 February 2006
    France Eybens Savoie
    Henri Demarquette
    The Sonata op27 will be played by his dedicator during a solo recital
  • Concert Symphonie for strings op32
    5 February 2006
    Paris Radio France Festival Presences 18h
    Orchestre Philharmonique of Radio France . Conductor : Daniel Kawka
    Creation of the Symphonie op32
  • Concert Amers for piano op 4
    20 November 2005
    Germany Munich 11h
    Eva Schieferstein
  • Concert Wind Quintet op 30
    21 October 2005
    Argentan. Orne 20 h
    Quintette L
  • Concert Passacaille op 29 for piano dedicated to Lise de La Salle
    16 September 2005
    Germany Mainz 20h
    Lise de La Salle
  • Concert Passacaille op 29 dedicated to Lise de la Salle (German Premiere)
    11 September 2005
    Germany Bonn Beethoven Festival 17h
    Lise de la Salle
    Concert retransmis à la radio

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