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Concert Dreams for Flute and Piano op 79
USA New York Lyric Chamber Music Society
Robert Langevin : Flute Minyoung Kang : Piano
American Premiere
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  • Concert Creation of the 2nd Symphony : Exil op 33
    2 April 2008
    Prague Dvorak Hall 19h30
    North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Teplice. Dirigent : Olivieri Munroe Charles
    Commissioned by Radio- France, the second Symphony will be created during the famous Prague Premiere Festival.
  • Concert Chamber Music. Piano Cello
    14 March 2008
    France. Paris : Salle Gaveau 20h
    Tatjana Vassillieva Oleg Poljansky
    During the 2008 season of the great Concert Production : Piano quatre étoiles, the gifted cellist Tatjana Vassillieva, final soloist choosen by Mistlav Rostropovitch during his last concert in Paris will play the Sonate opus 27 dedicated to Henri Demarquette. She will also play the 5th Sonata of Bach for solo cello. With Poljansky they will give the 1st Sonata of Schnittke and the Piano Cello Sonata of Cesar Franck. A musical event !
  • Concert Chamber Music. Piano Violin
    12 February 2008
    France. Paris : Salle Gaveau 20h
    Corey Cerovsek. Katia Skanavi
    During the 2008 season of the great Concert Production : Piano quatre étoiles, the young and gifted violonist Cerovesk will play the Sonate de Concert pour violon op 19 dedicated to Lyonel Schmit and the third Sonata of Ysaye. These 2 wonderful artists will give 2 Sonatas of Beethoven : n°5 : the Spring and the n° 9 : Kreutzer. A musical event!
  • Concert Variations for cello and arpa op 10 n°3
    3 February 2008
    Allemagne: Wiesbaden - Schierstein 17h
    Stephan Breith : cello Ruth Alice Marino : arpa
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  • Concert Concert
    26 January 2008
    France. Rezé. 18h
    Ensemble Utopik
    During the Residence in Nantes, a concert with a meeting with the public will take place. The program will be given later on.
  • Concert Compositeur en Résidence à Nantes
    25 January 2008
    Nantes Théâtre Graslin 18h 30
    Ensemble Utopik
    Mulsant : Corail op 19 Bartok : Quatuor n°3 Mulsant : Sonate op 27 Quatuor à cordes op 26 Passacaille op 19
  • Concert Concert Conférence
    24 January 2008
    France. Nantes : Ecole Centrale 18h30
    Florentine Mulsant Ensemble Utopik
    Around my String Quartet op 26 a conference will be illustrated by the musicians of the Ensemble Utopik
  • Concert Conference
    21 January 2008
    France. Nantes : Université permanente
    Intervenant : Florentine Mulsant
    During this conference, I will present my differents sources of inspiration in the field of paiting and literature
  • Concert Chamber Music
    20 January 2008
    Germany Taunusstein ( Wiesbaden) Kirche St Peter auf dem Berg 16h30
    Stephan Breith : cello
    German Creation of the Cello Sonate op 27
  • Concert Passacaille for piano op 29
    10 October 2007
    Paris Salle Rossini . 6 rue Drouot 75009
    Chizuko Mages
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