Empreintes for clarinet in B flat op.46
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clarinet in B flat solo


EMPREINTES for Clarinet in B flat op.46
Written in June 2013, these eight pieces which duration is 10 mn 30 are dedicated to the clarinetist Stéphanie Carne who has also commissioned these pieces. The symbolism of numbers mark covers the eight movements.
1 is the symbol of Unity, of God, the creative principle. I have used for this all the complete range of the clarinet, the Unity is present throughout the instrumental spectrum.
2 represents the duality, the opposition beetwen good and evil, yin and yang, sun and moon, day and night. The second piece is composed of two different elements : the first is written with shorts descending and ascending arpeggios, the second element is slower and melodic. There is a juxtaposition of two distinct musical ideas.
3 represents the perfect number, the Trinity but rather the three stages of life.
For this, I have written a short piece, very melodic, composed of three notes. During the short development the three notes are enriched with their appogiaturas.
4 is the symbol of the Earth, of the stability, of the raw material which unfolds through the sensible world, the four seasons, the four cardinal points. The music relies on a group made of four repeated notes, a symbol of stability. It is a piece with a dynamic character.
5 represents Nature, Quintessence, the five elements, the five fingers of the hand. I have composed the piece whith a melodic phrase of five notes around a measure of 5 beats. It is an expressive piece played in the medium and lower register of the clarinet.
6 is the symbol of the six days of the creation of the world, and of the Star of David, of the Salomon seal. It also represents the harmony. The music is based on ample sextuplets of semiquavers ascendant and descendant. The ambitus of the clarinet is wide.
Like the first numbers 7 has a sacred character. God ended the world in six days and took a rest on the seventh. It also represents the seven planets and the seven notes of the scale. The music is based on arpeggios of seven notes played non legato and legato. The character of the piece is ample and melodic.
8 is the symbol of infinity, balance and harmony.
The last piece offers a reminder of the pieces 3 and 5, is composed of 8 – note arpeggios
The work ends in a serene and bright atmosphere.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012