Sonate de Concert n°2 op 45
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Violon solo


The Sonate de Concert with a duration of 17 mn has been composed during spring 2013 and includes 3 movements. It is commissioned and dedicated to the violonist Hélène Schmitt. The first movement is a Chaconne composed of 9 variations. The theme of the Chaconne is slow, quasi cadenza. It is played in the medium-low of the violin and is composed of two melodic sentences. The first variation ( bar 4) presents the first part of the theme in the medium, then the second part of the theme in inversion writing in the medium pitch order of the instrument. The second variation ( bar 7 ) sets out the the theme in the high pitched and presents a counterpoint of semiquavers. In the second part of the theme, a rhythm more scaned appears. The third variation ( bar 17 ) requests the low register of the instrument, it is made upof repeated notes. The writing is more rhythmic. The fourth variation ( bar 27 ) presents a counterpoint of two voices, then a writing with repeated intervals for the second part of the theme, in the medium – high of the violin. The fifth variation ( bar 40 ) is written with pizzicatos and arco notes. The sixth variation ( bar 55 ) presents an ornementation of the theme with a melodic modus seted out from the beginning of the variation. The seventh variation (bar 66 ) offers the theme with a fragmented ptich order. Some melodic modifications are to be noticed. The eight variation ( bar 79 ) is an harmonic variation. About the ninth variation ( bar 95 ) it presents the first part of the theme and conludes the movement in the luminous climate. The second movement is an Aria composed with musical letters of the first name Hélène : si mi fa mi la mi. It is a very melodic and expressive movement. It is developped with some chromatisms around the theme. The final is made up with two main themes. The first one is dancing, with a rhythmic writing. The second (bar 11 ) relies on an interval of a melodic diminished fifth. They will be developped with a dynamic writing.A remember of the first movement will be recalled before the coda which concludes the work in a luminous climate.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012