Jardin d’Etoiles op 44
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Violon solo et orchestre, Orchestre : 3 flûtes, la 3e prend piccolo. 2 hautbois, le second prend cor anglais 3 clarinettes en si b. la 3e prend clarinette basse. 2 bassons, le 2e prend contrebasson 4 cors en fa 3 trompettes en ut 3 trombones, le 3e prend trombone basse Tuba Timbales 1 Percussionniste 1 Harpe Cordes : 8 premiers violons, 6 seconds violons, 4 altos, 4 violoncelles, 3 contrebasses à 5 cordes.


Jardin d’Etoiles op 44
The work which duration is 17 mn has been written in the begining of the year 2013. It is dedicated to the violonist Lyonel Schmit. It takes its inspiration source from the philosophical tale of Antoine de Saint Exupéry : le petit prince. (The Little Prince).
Written for solo violin and orchestra, it was not my intention to write a work of virtuosity but to support the message of life that Saint Exupery gives to us.
The meeting with the aviator and the request of drawing a sheep, the meeting with the fox and the snake and finally the death of the small prince have been my major sources of inspiration.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012