Suite for Strings Orchestra op 42
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Suite for Strings Orchestra op 42 The work which duration is 17 min has been written during the fall 2012 and is dedicated to the Conductor Nicolas Chalvin. It is composed of 5 movements and is the orchestration of my double quartet op 40. As a first theme the first movement introduces the melodic and harmonic modes which will be the musical ferment of the complete Suite. A second theme which has a dancing character is given to the first violins, the second violins,the violas and the double bass. It is surrounded by pizzicatos and an ostinato of semiquaver given by the cellos. The movement concludes in a great energy. A nocturnal climate which is accompanied with soft tremolos and harmonics characterizes the melodic theme of the second movement. It is given to the three cellos and the double bass with a blend of pizzicatos and arco. A second more harmonic element will be developed at the middle of the movement before the recapitulation of the first theme. The third movement is mostly harmonic. In a lively tempo it develops the chords of the harmonic mode. It shows a great instrumental unity. A second theme which is melodic will be given by the second violins, then by the first violins. The recapitulation will offer the possibility to listen the chords with a new fundamental note. The fourth movement is not written with the modes previously developed. It is an elegy introduced by the violas, then the second violins and finally the first violins. This very expressive theme is accompanied by the pizzicatos of the cellos and the double bass. A harmonic quotation will be given in the middle of the movement before the recapitulation of the main theme. The final movement offers a new listening of the harmonic and melodic modes. They are developed in a lively atmosphere, which favours the dialogue between the musicians. A second harmonic theme will introduce large chords distributed to the orchestra. A variation of this second theme will allow the possibility to hear all the instruments playing pizzicatos. The work concludes in an energic and luminous climate.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012