Suite for cello op. 41
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Suite for cello op 41
The Suite for cello with a duration of 12 mn has been composed on May 2012 and includes five movements.
It is dedicated to the cellist Odile Bourin and has been written in memory of my son Paul who died in 2011.
The piece is written in the tradition of the works for solo cello, particularly the three Suites for solo cellos of Britten.
The first movement is based on the musical letters of the first name Paul. It is a serene and very melodic movement.
The second movement is written with pizzicatos only.It is cheerful and emphasizes the differents colours of the cello in this way of playing.
The third movement is a fuga which subject is winded melodically around the letters of the first name Paul. A specific attention has been given to the polyphony.
The fourth movement is based on a melodic writing. It is very expressive.
The last movement is lively and presents a new theme issued of the letters of the chosen first name.
In the coda it offers a remembrance of the first movement and concludes the work in a luminous climate.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012