String Quartet n°2 op 35
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2 violins viola cello


The second Quartet op 35 has been written in 2007-2008. It is dedicated to the Quatuor Debussy. Its duration is 15mn and it is made of 5 movements.
The 1st movement relies on the alternation of 4 chords as well as a melodic motive given by the cello.
The 2nd movement relies on the alternation of two elements: the first one made of chords played arco or pizzicato, the second melodic always played by the cello.
A nocturnal atmosphere characterises the beginning of the 3rd movement. It is followed by a theme, which will be developed during all the movement.
The 4th movement is a recall of the 2nd movement and is written with the same structure.
The final concludes the Quartet in a lively and vigorous tempo.


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