Symphony n°2 op 33 « Exil »
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4 fl (+ pic +fl in G) 3 ob 1 horn 4 cl B flat (+cl E fl +bass) 4 bassoons (+contrebasson) 4 french horn 4 trump C 3 tromb 1 tub 2 timb 5 percu 2 harp piano celesta String Quintet 16 14 12 10 8 db


The second Symphony op33 « Exil » has been written in 2006-2007 and is inspired by fragments from the poem of Saint John Perse.
Three movements compose the works which duration is 18mn.
The first movement is composed of three parts. It is slow and very expressive and is composed by two themes, which are given in the first part. The first theme is melancholy and sad, it relies on large chords and is given from the beginning of the movement by the cellos then the horns. The second theme, which symbolized the exile, is given by the alto flute, and then to the first oboe supported by the horn. Developed in the second part, only the first theme will be re exposed in the third and last part given by all the orchestra.
The second movement is composed of three parts and relies on two themes very different: the first theme is harmonic and vigorous and is given by the woods while the second theme is melodic and is developed with successive entries given by the chords. We can observe a recall of the first movement at the end of the second part.
Developed also with three sections the last movement is composed of a first part, which takes back the chords of the first movement with a harmonic modification. This one gives to the chords a colour more calm and serene. The second part develops on a piano resonance a theme, which recalls the second movement. The theme of the third part is relied on to the first violin and relies on major chords issued from the first theme.
The symphony concludes itself in a very serene climate.


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