Sacred Suite for Organ op. 31
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The Sacred Suite op 31 which duration is 13 min is composed of 4 movements:
Complaint and Prayer

The work received the Price Henri Sauguet during the International Composition Competition at saint- Bertrand de Comminges (France).
It belongs to the tradition of religious works for organ and follows the progression of a mass: Entry, Offertory, Communion, Exit. Nevertheless, it is possible to interpret it during a concert.
This first movement developed around a theme, using different counterpoints (for example: canon meas.10 and 48, crab canon meas.26, superposition of canon and crab canon meas.41). It is surrounded by a second element that appears in measure 2 and will ornament at each of its occurrences one musical letter of the main theme.
The second movement wrote in the spirit of a meditation, from the Psalm 101 (Vg). It is composed of one expressive element presented measure 1 and developed as a recitative from measure 20.The coda (meas.35) concludes the movement in a meditative atmosphere.
The third movement is a Chorale built with four phrases and belongs to the tradition of Bach’s chorales. The fourth movement: Toccata, offers a luminous and virtuoso last part. It based on two elements. The first one is melodic and lively, and uses all the pitch order of the keyboard. The second element, harmonic (from the last chord meas.3 and meas.4) is composed of shinning and vigorous chords.
A remember of the first movement (meas.14 to 17 and meas.23) concludes the Sacred Suite in a great musical unity.


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