Passacaille for piano op. 29
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Commissioned by the extraordinary young pianist Lise De La Salle for a recital in September 2004 at the Festival des Serres d'Auteuil de Paris, the Passaglia has been written in January 2004. It is composed of a single movement, which lasts about 11 mn.
This work which is dedicated to Lise De La Salle is composed of one theme which spells the letters of her first name and her surname. This combination of 13 notes is the recurring theme during all the Passaglia.
Three parts compose the work. The first one exposes the theme in the spirit of a chorale. This theme is surrounded by ample and luminous harmonies.
The second part develops in 6 sections the artist' first name and surname under various writing structures : melodic writing, then relying on resonant chords, four in one canon, polyphonic writing … The theme is recapitulated at the end of the development in the spirit of a varied chorale.
The last part of the work presents the theme under the structure of a virtuoso toccata with contrasted accentuations and dynamics. The Passaglia, using all the pitch order of the piano is concluded in a " firework" of tones and orchestral colours.


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