Quartet with piano op. 28
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piano, violin, viola, cello


The piano Quartet opus 28 which duration is about 20 mn, has been written during the autumn 2003. It is composed of 3 movements and is part of a cycle of works dedicated to chamber music. Indeed, after several sonatas for piano and strings, a trio with piano, a string quartet, writing a quartet for piano and strings offers the opportunity for a new search of sounds alliances and instrumental balance.
The writing of the 1st movement develops a melodic element introduced from the beginning of the work under the shape of the dialogue between the piano and the strings. This main element is the keystone of all the movement. First rhythmical and sarcastic, then slow and expressive, and resonant and mysterious, it also will be developed in chords and sustained by a dynamic full of energy and of instrumental contrasts.
The 2nd movement is sustained by 2 very expressive climates. The first one is given by the piano : it is constituted by a melodic layer made of tiny changes at each iteration. For strings, they offer a very intense theme made of stacked fifth chords which are also subject to harmonic evolutions. The piano solo concludes the movement in a very harmonic atmosphere, which leads to the 3rd movement.
The 3rd movement is built around a unique lively theme, mixing various instrumental attacks of the strings : arco and pizzicato . It is built of 5 linked parts, during which the theme is developed with different counterpoints. Indeed, inspired by the fugue form, this movement proposes to hear a real renewal of the monothematic work : straight theme, inverse theme, or stacked together, two in one canon, three in one canon, crab canon…
After a large recapitulation by inversion movement, the theme of the 1st movement is given again, mysteriously, and allows to conclude the Quartet in a great musical unity.


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