Sonata for cello dedicated to Henri Demarquette op. 27
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Written during the spring 2003, this Sonata which lasts 15 mn has been composed for and dedicated to Henri Demarquette. It is a tribute to the talent of this great cellist.
This Sonata is composed of three movements. Each movement offers the distinctive feature to associate the first and last name of Henri Demarquette to the corresponding musical notes.
The 1st movement offers an ornament of each letter of the first name of Henri. It is a slow and expressive movement which could be compared to a large vocalise.
The 2nd movement, built around the last name : Demarquette, is in 3 parts : vif, pui lento, vif .
This movement contrasts the very rhythmic and incisive character of the two parts « vif » with the more melodic writing of the central « pui lento » in the high pitch of the instrument.
The 3rd movement combines the first name and the last name of dedicator in a single thema developped as a tiento. This is an ancient musical form, appeared in Spain in the XVI th century, wich is based like the Italian form ricercare on a contrapuntal writing proceeding by imitations. However, it presents a difference with the ricercare : it allows more flexibility in the musical form and enables a perfect alliance of a thematic form with a virtuoso composition.


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