Mass for organ op. 24
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Written gradually between 2000 and 2002, this Mass which duration is 16 mn, is composed of 4 parts:
Entry, Offertory, Communion, Exit .

It is a concert piece which can also be played during the liturgy.

The Entry invites believers to the gathering in a cheerful atmosphere, sustained by a fluid and monothematic writing.

The Offertory is a soft meditation on the teaching of God. After this meditation, a more dramatic central part takes place, describing Man in front of death. The Offertory is concluded in a peaceful climate.

The Communion is a serene and meditative piece based on the intimacy between the Lord and us.It is composed of very soft chords, on which appears a thema played with "jeux de gambe " and "voix celeste" .

The Exit is written in the spirit of a virtuoso tocatta .It is built on a very lively melodic motive presented in the introduction of this movement. Full of energy, it illustrates the joy of Man, who benefits from the teaching of God to become better.


     Extract from Sortie 2’11’’

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