Trio for violin, cello and piano op. 23
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violin, cello and piano


This trio was composed at the beginning of 2000 and consists of three movements. It was written as a tribute to Robert Schumann ans is dedicated to the Archipel Trio who supported the creation of the piece.

The 1st movement is moderate, the cello and the violin lean on ample harmonies given by the piano. The character of the 1st theme, played by cello in its low register, is incisive. It allows various instrumental combinations. A 2nd theme, powerful, made of chords, is distributed among the three musicians ; it results from the evolution of the 1st theme and is the culminating point of the movement.

The 2nd movement offers a real contrast to the 1st movement. It begins with the presentation of the expressive and slow theme by the cello alone. In the following it is played in turns by the piano and the violin. Only two chords support the whole harmonic atmosphere of this movement.

The final movement presents two contrasting and rhythmical themes. The first one is recognisable by its simultaneously low and high register at the piano. It is repeated throughout the finale and is evolved at each time it reoccurs. The second theme is monorhythmical and uses different accents and variations.


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