Quartet for B flat clarinet, violin, cello and piano op. 22
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clarinet in B flat, violin, cello and piano

(1999, revised in 2002)

The Quartet « in Jubilo » which duration is 18 mn, has been composed during September - October 1999 and revised in 2002. Sacem award for creation.
The instrumental ensemble specially attracts me because of the blend of sounds it offers : great expression of the strings, warm colors of the clarinet combined with the full tone of the piano.
Three movements composed the work, each one with a very different musical atmosphere.
The 1st movement is built around the resonance of the piano. It is made of 7 variations which follow each other, and express growing dynamic.
The 2nd movement, cheerful and lively, proposes different rhythmic entries, based on various instrumental techniques.
The 3rd movement, more intimate, concludes the Quartet in a sad and serene atmosphere, offering to the musicians a new opportunity of musical dialogues.


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