Sonata for viola and piano op. 20
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viola and piano


Written in June 1999, the Sonata for viola and piano which duration is 13 mn, is composed of one movement where we can distinguish 3 parts.
In the initial exposition, the piano presents a melodic element which will be the compositional ferment of all the work .
It is first developed as a melodic dialogue, and then, in a second period, exposed in a rhythmical way.
After the recapitulation, the viola , then the piano, express themselves in a musical writing near the spirit of a cadenza. At this moment, the Sonata gives the privilege to the special colors and tones of the soloists.
The final leans on the rythmical element presented during the exposition but in a tempo much more lively and brilliant.
It concludes the Sonata in an intense and luminous harmonic climate.


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