Concert Sonata for violin op. 19
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This concert Sonata has been written in a close collaboration with the violonist Lyonel Schmit to whom it is dedicated.
It is possible to play only one movement, it is just asked to respect the order of them in case the Sonata will be played fully.

Corail (5 min) :
Corail has been written during Spring 1999 after a trip to Bora-Bora in French Polynesian islands. The duration of the work corresponds to a duration of a diving without bottles. First, Corail describes the call of the depth that feels the diver then, the discovery of the undersea world which is extraordinary and finally the call of oxygen which is essential for his survival.

Dédale (6 min) :
The second movement has been written during autumn 2000. It refers through counterpoints and canons to the labyrinthine world of the city, always in movements as well as the interior rhythm of the man described in the central part of the movement.

Passacaille (6 min 30) :
The last movement, written during winter 2001-2002, is composed of ten linked sections. It has written as a tribute to J.S. Bach and is built with the four musical letters of his name : B flat, A, C, B natural. During this movement, a lot of counterpointic process are exploited : inversion, retrogradation, and superposition with itself, etc.


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