« Voix » 3 songs based on a poem by F. Pessoa, for countertenor and piano or mezzo-soprano and piano op. 17
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countertenor and piano or mezzo-soprano and piano


Composed in 1998 on the poem « Tabacaria » from the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, these 3 melodies, which duration is about 11 mn, are written for a countertenor voice. They are also suited to the pitch of a mezzo-soprano.The text of the melodies is made with some extracts of this long poem.
The climate of the melodies is very expressive : the piano supports the soft tone of the Portuguese language and develops serene harmonies around the text.
The 1st melody illustrates a pessimistic moment of the poem but is also hopfull.
The 2nd one, more lively, has for thema the lucidity of the man in front of his destiny.
As for the 3 rd melody, it concludes the cycle developing some musical motives, exposed in the 1st melody, and leans on a passage of the poem where the autor dreams about the happy encounter of the ideal woman.


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