« Tiento » for theorbo op. 16
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The score is presented in modern music writing. A tablature is available, developed by Caroline Delume, the lutenist who has created the work.

Tiento literally means grope. It is an ancient musical form, appeared in Spain in the XVIth Century, which is based, like the italian form « Ricercare », on a contrapuntal writing proceeding by imitations. But the Tiento has a difference with the ricercar : it allows more flexibility in the musical form, and enables a perfect alliance of a strict form with a virtuous composition. The musical colours (harmonics, chords, increasingly declaimed strokes) at first spurt out timidly, but as the work unwinds, they tend to take up an increasing part. There is no struggle between both forms, rather a search for balance and alliance.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012