« Mantrana » for orchestra from the book of Ernst Jünger op. 5
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2 fl. in G, 1 ob., 2 cl. in A, 1 ba, 1 French horn, 2 tenor trombone, 1 contrabass tuba, 1 harp, 1 vib., 1 xyl., 1 piano, 1 side drum, crotales, hanging cymbals, strings : 6 5 3 3 2


This piece was composed during the first 6 months of 1986 and lasts around 6 mn 15. Its title refers to the book of the same title from the German writer Ernst Jünger.
Mantrana is a domino game of 2 and 3 dimensions played with maxims, which are called « stones ».These short maxims express an experience or an opinion and arouse a reaction.
The work for orchestra refers to the following maxim : « Darkness should portend the uncommunicable and not the inability to communicate. »
It is composed of 3 linked parts and first develops with fixed pitches, a progressive density of the writing with multiple couterpoints.
In the 2nd part, the color of the the orchestral sound is priviliged.
The last sequence begins with a writing again dense, and exposes a progressive elision until the end of the piece.


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