Voiles op 98.
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Voiles op 98 for Harp

The work, with a duration of 5 min 15, was commissioned by Florian Coutet, in order to offer it as a birthday present to his wife Manon Louis, solo harpist at the National Orchestra of Lorraine.
The title is evocative: boat sails rustling in the wind, mixed with the sound of the sea.
The work is built in two linked parts:
The first part goes from bar 1 to bar 46. It describes the soft sound of the sails in a light wind. It is made up of thematic elements which will be developed in two sections. The first section, from bar 10 to 27 and the second section, from bar 28 to 42.
The second part, from bar 47 to the end, takes the shape of the Rondo. The chorus describes the sails which are more slamming, responding to a wind which is more dry. Two more melodic verses let imagine a more peaceful time.
The coda, at bar 119, concludes the work in great light.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012