Piano sonata no.2 op 95
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Piano sonata no.2 op 95

The 18-minute work was composed in spring 2020 and is dedicated to Jean Baptiste Fonlupt. It is made up of four movements...
The first movement, lasting 5 minutes 30 minutes, is expressive and melodic in character. The first part (bars 1 to 17) presents the two themes on the left hand in bars 2 and 3, accompanied by sextolets. A development of the different thematic elements is proposed from bar 18 to 37. At the re-exposure (bars 45 to 68), a new development of the themes of the left hand will be given (bars 56 to 73). A coda in bar 74 concludes the movement in a sweet atmosphere.
The second movement takes the form of the Scherzo-Trio. The scherzo - from bar 1 to bar 27, is built around the harmonic resonances of the instrument. The trio (bars 28 to 48) has a melodic character and let you hear a theme built around chords in fourths. The return of the Scherzo (bar 49) is transposed to the upper tone and concludes the movement with great energy.
The third movement follows the form A BA'. It is made up of four parts. The first part (bars 1 to 11) presents the theme in the acute medium of the instrument and recalls the sounds of the flute. It will be developed during bar 12 to 43. Two parts make up the development: first part: bar 1 to 21, second part: bars 22 to 43. The re-exposure to bar 44 restores the main theme in canon to the octave. A coda in bar 56 concludes the movement in a soft and poetic light.
The fourth and last movement takes the form of Rondo. The refrain has an assertive character and is inspired by the shape of a toccata. Two verses (bars 13 to 30 and bars 43 to 61) provide a more melodic atmosphere. The last appearance of the chorus, at bar 62 will give rise to slight modifications.
The coda, at bar 73, concludes the Sonata with powerful energy.


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