Deux Fantaisies (Two Fantasies) for organ and flute op. 93
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organ and flute


Deux Fantaisies (Two Fantasies) for organ and flute op. 93

Lasting 8 minutes, the two Fantaisies for organ and flute op 93 were composed in February 2020. They were commissioned by the Festival de Chaillol and are dedicated to Sophie and Thierry Bois.
The first Fantasy, lasting 4 min 30, is melodic and expressive. The organ plays the main theme taken up by the flute in bar 6. From measure 13 to measure 36, a development of the theme is proposed, divided into three sections: First section: from measure 13 to measure 18, second section: from measure 19 to measure 27, third section: from measure 28 to measure 36. After a re-exposure to measure 37, a new development is proposed, up to measure 45. The coda concludes the movement in a bright atmosphere in the third time of measure 45.
The second fantasy, lasting 3.5 minutes, is characterized by the liveliness of its theme exposed to the flute. Dynamic and rhythmic, it highlights the dialogue between the two instruments. After a transition (bars 27 to 34), a second part offers a development of theme A. It is written from bar 35 to 54. Theme B, with a more melodic style, is exposed from bars 55 to 71. It is followed by a flute solo, almost cadenza. A fugato (bars 86 to 97) concludes this second part.
The third part (measure 98) re-exposes theme A, then develops it again. At measure 119, a melodic episode is based on the dialogue between the two instruments.
The coda, from measure 148, concludes the second fantasy with great energy.


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