Suite for String Orchestra op 92
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3 first violins, 2 second volins, 2 violas, 1 violoncello , 1 double bass


Suite for String Orchestra op 92

The 10 mn work was commissioned by the Festival Musique aux Quatre Horizons and is dedicated to the violonist Marianne Piketty.
It has two movements with a very different character and highlights colors offered by the orchestra.
The first movement, lasting 6 mn, responds to an expressive and melodic writing. On he first violins, you may hear a modal theme, based on six notes chords.
It will be developed from measure 13 to the re exposure of meausre 53, with, for example- a canon on the theme from measure 34 to 40. After the re – exhibition, a new development of the theme will be proposed, before the coda at measure 86.
The second movement is made up of five chained parts. The main theme ( measures 1 to 13 ) is lively and based on writing in pizzicatis. The movement alternates a lively writing with more expressive moments for example from bar 48, where a reminder of the first movement is given.
The work concludes in a bright atmosphere.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012