Two Duets for violin and viola op. 91
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Violin, Viola


Two Duets for violin and viola op. 91

The work with a duration of 9 mn15, was written in the fall of 2019. It is commissioned and dedicated to the violist Françoise Gnéri.
The first duo, with a duration of 4’45 minutes, has a melodic and expressive theme. It is presented in the form of entrances, each entrance correspond to the open strings of the viola. Measure 1: input on C, Measure 5: input on G, Measure 14: input on D and measure 22: last entry on A.
A counter subject is proposed from the second entrance, preceded by a small coda. A second part of bars 25 to 59 introduces a theme in dialogue with the two instruments. A small instrumental cadence is proposed from measure 44. A third part begins at measure 60, giving the first theme, with a varied counter-subject. The first duo ends in a serene atmosphere.
The second duo a duration of 4’30 minutes has the form of the rondo. It is composed of a dynamic and biting chorus, followed by two verses, played in a slower tempo and characterized by a more melodic writing. The first verse is at measure 37, the second at measure 98. The coda concludes the movement with great energy.


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