Wind op 90 for Piccolo
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Wind for piccolo op 90

The work, with a duration of 4 mn 30 has been composed in December 2019. It is a commsission of the flutist Jean Louis Beaumadier to whom it is dedicated.
Composed of a single movement, with a very melodic character, it is articulated around four parts.
The first part, from measure 1 to 8, presents the different thematic elements : arpeggios imitating the breath of the wind, and, the lightness of the writing, in a lively tempo.
The second part, from meausre 9 to 37, develops these elements around a very fluent melody. A third central party, from measure 38 to 57, offers a new melodic line, more intimate in a moderate tempo.
From measure 58 to 83, there is a re - exposure of the measures 1 to 5 of the first part, followed by a new development.
A coda, from measure 84 to 105 concludes the work in a beautiful energy.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012