Trio pour violon, alto et violoncelle op 87
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Violin, viola, cello


Trio for violin, viola and violoncello op 87

The string trio was composed in summer 2019 and was a commission of the Sanary sur Mer Festival. It is dedicated to the violist Françoise Gnéri.
With a duration of 12 mn 30, it consists of three movements.
The first movement with a duration of five minutes, suggests a theme followed by four variations.The theme consists of two part : the first part of bars 1 to 3 and the second part of bars 4 to 8.
The second movemet called Vocalise is very expressive and lyrical.
The theme is given by bars 1 to 12. From bar 13 to 30, it will be further decorated. After a short episode of Pizzicati ( bars 31 to 34, it is further developped from bars 35 to 44.
The coda of bars 40 to 44 terminates the movement in soft light.
The third movement is more lively and written in a rondo form.The chorus of bars 1 through 18 is dynamic and happy.
Two verses are suggested, the reveal a more melodic timbre.
The last return of the chorus in bar 122, followed by the coda (bars 141 to 152 ) closes the work in a beautiful energy.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012