Trio pour piano alto et clarinette en si b op 86
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piano, viola, clarinette en si b


Trio pour piano, alto et clarinette en si b op 86

The work with a duration of 12 mn was composed in May 2019. It is a commission of the Fractales Festival and it is dedicated to the violist Françoise Gnéri.
The trio has two movements.
The first movement, with a duration of 8 minutes, is expressive and gives the opportunity for a dialogue between the different instruments. It is composed of 5 different parts. The first part, from bar 1 to 28, presents the themes.
The second part, from bar 29 to 59, develops the themes with different instrumental combinations.
At bar 60, a third, more mysterious part based on piano arpeggios appears. The re-exposure to measure 82 offers an inverted instrumental distribution.
At measure 103, a coda concludes the movement with great gentleness.
The second movement of measure 1 to 10 presents an introduction in a lively tempo. It adopts the form of the rondo. The main theme appears in measure 11 with the clarinet. It is playful and polymodal. (bar 16 on the piano).
A first verse of measure 38 to 57 has a modal character. It is based on the piano forth chords and is expressive. The return of the chorus to measure 58 reverses the instrumental distribution.
A second verse from bar 72 offers an instrumental rhythm with the clarinet and then with the viola.
The chorus appears one last time at bar 85 with some instrumental additions to the viola: pizz and arco.
The coda, at bar 98 concludes the movement in a luminous energy.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012