Rhapsodie for piano and violin op 85
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Piano, violin


Rhapsody for violin and piano op 85

The work which a duration of 7 mn 30 has been composed in April 2019. It is a commission of the International chamber Music Competition of the city of Lyon. In a single movement, it presents three parts and introduces an expressive theme in dialogue with the piano.
The first part, from measure 1 to 49, proposes two chained themes ( bars 1 and 15), played o the violin, and developed from bar 22.
A second part, from meausre 50, proposes a new vey expressive theme, given by the violin.
A re-exhibition takes place from the 74th measure on. It varies the themes sensibly both in their statement and the accompaniment of the piano.
A last part from measure 118, is lively and rhythmic, and cocludes the work in great energy.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012