Sonata for cello and piano op 82 n ° 2
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cello, piano


Sonata for cello and piano op 82 n ° 2

The work with a duration of 10 minutes, was written in November 2018, It is dedicated to Marc Coppey and Jean Baptiste Fonlupt and composed of two movements with very different architecture and character.
During the first movement with a duration of 7 minutes, the thematic elements will be developed during an intervention of the cello. Four parts are forming this movement, with the re-exposure of an instrumental inversion of the themes in measure 103. The predominant character of this movement is the lyricism of the cello as well as the dialogue between the two protagonists.
The second movement, with a duration of 3 minutes, is lively and cheerful. It presents the theme on the piano, accompanied by cello pizzicatis. The form of the movement adopts the form of the Rondo, with two couplets and three refrains. During the second return of the chorus (measures 29 to 40), we will see an exchange of thematic elements. And during his third appearance at measure 62, the chorus will be partially transposed a tone above.
The movement ends in a happy and dynamic atmosphere.


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