Ivoire op 81
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piano four hands


IVOIRE op. 81 for piano four hands

The 11-minute work was written in autumn 2018 and is dedicated to the duo formed by Hervé Billaut and Guillaume Coppola.
The duet offers the possibility of a quasi-orchestral writing, and allows to create various opportunities of dialogues as well as a rich harmonic writing.
The work is composed of three movements.
The first movement, of rather harmonic character, offers a mysterious and sweet atmosphere. Two parts follow each other:
the first part, from measure 1 to measure 22, plays a modal mode and a melodic element from measure 8 to 10.
The second part is from measure 23 to measure 38. At measure 39, there is a re-exposure of the first part, a minor third above. The coda, to measure 65 concludes the movement in a calm atmosphere.
The second movement, of expressive character, can be heard on the first piano, a theme played in octaves with both hands. This theme is supported by five-tone chords. At measure 10 appears a development of the theme, presented in quads only. Then this theme will be harmonized with chords of six sounds in measure 17.
A second development is proposed from measure 25 to measure 54. After a reexposure in measure 55, a coda will follow from measure 68 and concludes the movement in a mysterious atmosphere.
The third movement is composed of two linked parts: the first part, from measure 1 to measure 19 is slow and proposes a rewriting of the theme of the second movement.
The second part is written in a bright and lively tempo. It is also a rewriting of the theme of the beginning of the third movement.
The work concludes in an energetic and luminous atmosphere.


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