Rhapsody for Viola and String Orchestra op 75
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Viola and String Orchestra : violins, violas, violoncellis, double bass.


Rhapsody for Viola and String Orchestra op 75

The 12 minute work has been composed during the autumn of 2017.
It is a commission from the Sanary sur Mer Festival and is dedicated to the violist Françoise Gnéri.
It has two movements.
The first movement, which duration is 7 mn, begins with an instrumental cadenza on the viola, then the main theme is presented by the string orchestra. It's character is modal and expressive and will be developed throughout the movement. It will be presented in the form of a canon from the measure 42. Some elements from the theme are also present, as to the measure 17 – 18 and the measure 26.
The second movement, which duration is 5 mn, adopts the rondo form. It offers from the beginning of the movement, a dynamic writing, colored by the pizzicati of the orchestra.
A dialogue is written from the beginning of the movement between the soloist and the orchestra.
A first verse at measure 19 presents an expressive writing that recalls the modal colors of the first movement.
After the return of the varied refrain (measure 35 to 44), the second verse presents an instrumental cadenza at the viola, which character is melodic and expressive.
The return of the refrain, again varied (measure 62) concludes the work in a luminous and joyful atmosphere.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012