Quartet for four celli op 74
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four cellos


Colors op. 74 for four cellos

Colors op. 74 for four cellos is composed of four movements and has a duration of 14 minutes. It seemed essential to me to vary the different movements, in order not to get a similarity of timbre due to instrumental training.
The first and third movements correspond in their great expressiveness and melodic profiles. The second and fourth movements are more dynamic and show different types of instrumental performance: pizzicato for the duration of the second movement, pizz, arco and col legno for the final movement.
Colors owes its title to the painting of Nicolas de StaŽl and in particular to his use of primary colors in his last period (1950 - 1955). The bright and bright paintings guided my compositional work throughout his journey. At different times of the work, each cello is also highlighted by a solo writing. In fact, each performer has its own instrumental colour, which is different from that of the other musicians. It is also a reference to the painting of StaŽl where one can admire, for example, several shades of blue or red.
The work favors expression and sound cohesion.


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