Night Time op 68
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2 clarinets in si b


Night Time op 68
5 duets for two clarinets in si b

The 5 duets for two clarinets which duration is 15 minutes have been composed during autumn 2016.
They are a commission from the clarinetist Stéphanie Carne to whom it is also dedicated.
They evoke the nocturnal world in its various aspects.
The first and the second duet are melodic in character and allows us to enter into the mysterious atmosphere of the night.
The third duet is very expressive, and describes the universe of dreams which lives in our nights. It is a come back ( or return) to ourselves and on our solitude.
The fourth duet is a Scherzo – Trio and brings us closer to dawn.
Concerning the last duet, it is playful in nature, and emphasizes the morning light that succeeds the night. It ends the cycle in a cheerful and energetic atmosphere.


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