OPUS 64 for double bass
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Double bass


OPUS 64 for double bass

The work which duration is 7 mn has been composed during spring 2016 and is dedicated to the double bassist Thierry Barbe, who has also commissioned the work.
It is composed of one movement, divided in 3 parts which are linked :
The first part ( from measure 1 to 49) has a melodic and expressive character.
The second part (from measure 50 to 76) develops the thematic elements of the first part with a writing always expressive.
The third part (from measure 77 to 134 ) is a varied recapitulation of the beginning and presents at the measure 97 a new element, more incisive.
The work concludes in a luminous atmosphere.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012