Sonata for viola and piano op 63 N°2
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Viola and piano


Sonata for viola and piano op 63 n° 2

The Sonata for viola and piano which duration is 22 mn has been composed during spring 2016 and is a commission of Antoine Manceau for a tour of concerts named : 'la Belle Saison '.
It is dedicated to the performers Lise Berthaud and Adam Laloum.
The first movement introduces a first melodic theme vigorous and energetic, followed by two elements played by the viola which will be also developed. The second theme at bar 41 has a more serene and harmonic character. The writing of the viola is longingly and expressive.
The recapitulation takes place bar 63 and proposes some variants compared with the exposition. The second theme is recapitulated at bar 97 and declines the chords of the piano in a descending profile.
The coda at bar 120 concludes the movement in an intense climate.
The second movement exposes first a theme at the viola. This one has a very melodic and expressive character. It will be played by the piano at bar 7.
A counterpoint of semi quavers will supports the theme from bar 21.
The second theme at bar 37 is characterized by its chords made with parallel fourths. Its climate is luminous and soft.
The recapitulation of the first theme takes place at bar 63 and proposes a squiggled writing at the viola as well as at the answer of the piano at bar 69.
The second theme exposes the coda from bar 100 and ends the movement in a appeased climate.
The last movement is made of two themes :
The first one has a character quasi recitativo and will be varied at each of its apparition. The second theme given at bar 9 has a more rhythmic character and will be varied also at each time it will be played.
The work concludes in a luminous and intense climate.


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