Suite for violoncello and piano op 60
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Violoncello, piano


Suite for violoncello and piano op 60

The work which duration is 11 mn has been written during Winter 2016. It is composed of three movements.
It is a commission of the French National Competition for violoncellists and it is written for young soloists. The first movement shows two melodic themes given by the violoncello solo and then taken back by the piano into a dialogue.
The second movement adopts the form of the Scherzo -Trio with a resumption. Its character is bright and favors the way of playing pizzicato on the violoncello.
The third movement first gives a reminder of the second theme of the first movement and then, offers to the violoncello a cadenza. A second theme is given in the middle of the movement, its character is incisive. The work concludes in a dynamic climate.


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