Four preludes for guitar op 59
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The work which duration is 10 mn has been written during autumn 2015.
It is a commission of the Festival d' Ouessant and is dedicated to the guitarist Caroline Delume.
The first prelude has a melodic character and opens the cycle in a soft and luminous atmosphere.
The second prelude has a dancing character with two themes. The first one is harmonic, the second one melodic.
The third prelude is an expresive one and emphasizes the different registers of the guitar. It is composed of a theme which will be more particularly developped in canon.
The last prelude begins with a cadenza, then it presents a theme based on a rhythmic ostinato. The theme will be followed on and varied three time.
The work concludes in a dynamic climate.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012