Sonata for two violoncellis op 58
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Two cello


The work which duration is 15 mn has been written during autumn 2015.
It is composed of four movements and is dedicated to Florent and Frédéric Audibert.
The first movement is expressive and emphasizes the dialogue between the two instruments. It is composed of a theme A followed by two variations, then, by a second theme B which character is harmonic at measure 54.
Two others variations will be played after the second theme.
The second movement is dancing and cheerful. It is played only with pizzicatis.
The third movement is a slow and expressive movement. It favours the dialogue between the two instruments, as well as new instrumental colors, including harmonics glissandi.
The final adopts the rondo form. The refrain is a perpetual movement written in semi quavers.
The first episode takes place at measure 18, it is expressive and slow.
The return of the refrain at measure 36 will be followed by a second episode. Its character is dancing.
The return of the refrain concludes the work in a luminous climate.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012