Sonata for piccolo and piano op 57
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piccolo and piano


Sonata for piccolo and piano op 57

Written during the summer 2015, this Sonata which duration is 13 mn is dedicated to Jean Louis Beaumadier, who has also commissioned the work. The piccolo, alone, exposes the theme of the first movement. It is melodic and very expressive. It will be given then by the piano, harmonized.This theme is developed with new counterpoints during all the first part (- until measure 34 -).
A second theme issued from the first one will be given from measure 35 on the two instruments. Its character is bright and rhythmic. The recapitulation at measure 55 will cause new developments. The movement ends in a mysterious climate.
The second movement adopts the Rondo form. The theme of the refrain is given by the piano at the beginning of the movement. It relies on resonances of harmonics and its character is bright.
Two episodes will punctuate the return of the refrain, the first one at measure 31, issued of the head of the theme of the refrain, and, the second episode at measure 57.
During the second episode, the piccolo is developing a cadenza. At measure 89, the theme of the refrain is given again, in parts exposed by contrary motion.
The work concludes in a joyful and luminous climate.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012