Sept Lumières Fugitives pour piano op 55
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piano solo


Seven Lumières Fugitives for piano op 55

Written during winter 2014, these seven lumières fugitives which duration is 14 mn are dedicated to Adam Laloum.
Each piece has a clearly defined character and is characterized by changements of color well marked.
The first piece has a harmonic character and is based on a serene chords melody.
The second one is melodic and soft, with a short central part of chords melody.
The third piece is based on harmonic resonances and relies on well marked contrasts of nuances.
The fourth is melodic and very expressive.
The fifth piece is short and has a rhythmic character.
The sixth piece is composed of soft arpeggios using the medium of the pitch order of the piano and also the high pitch order.
The seventh and last piece concludes the cycle in a bright and energic atmosphere.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012