String Quartet n ° 4 op 54
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String Quartet


String Quartet n°4 op 54
Written during autumn 2014, this fourth string quartet which duration is 15 min is dedicated to the Terpsycordes String Quartet.
It is composed of four movements. The beginning of the first movement presents a short melodic element given by the cello and the viola.This element will be developed as a first theme on bar 11, with a melodic and mysterious character.
The development of the first theme includes three sections :
the first section from bar 11 to 21
the second section from bar 22 to 27
the third section from bar 28 to 30
A second theme is given at bar 31, it is played by the two violins in a rhythmic ostinato at the viola and the cello. It has a vigorous character.
The recapitulation is given at bar 76 and finishes the movement in an energetic atmosphere.
The second movement has an expressive character, it is composed by a theme followed by 9 variations.
It is introduced by a mode which will be given several times during the movement and will be also developed.
The third movement is short and uses only pizzicatos.
It is composed by a theme of two bars setted out by the cello, then played step- by- step by the three other instruments. It is enriched by a second thematic element during its second appearance at the viola.
Its character is dynamic and cheerful.
The last movement is composed by two thematic elements. The first element is composed of a melodic descendant element given by the two violins then by the cello.The main theme is played by the viola at bar 7 with an incisive and dynamic character.
These two elements will be developed during all the movement.
At bar 63, a recapitulation of the first theme of the first movement is given by the violin, then by the cello.
The work ends in an energetic and luminous atmosphere.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012