Sextet with Trumpet in C and String Quintet op. 49
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Trumpet in C, 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass


Sextet with Trumpet in C and String Quintet op. 49
The Sextet for trumpet in C and String Quintet op 49 is composed of two movements and has a duration of 8 minutes 30. It has been composed in November 2013 and is dedicated to the ensemble Convergences. It is a commission of the Festival d'Auvers sur Oise for its 34th edition in June 2014.
The first movement has a melodic character and lasts 4 minutes. The trumpet sets a theme in the low pitch order of the instrument, it will be taken by the entrance of the string quintet in batteries.
A development of the coda, first by the quintet and then by the trumpet follows after the introduction. The first theme will be further developed with a canon at the octave, first by the string quintet, then transposed by the trumpet. It is accompagnied by pizzicatos of the double bass, the cello and the viola. The movement ends with a special energy which announces the second movement. The second movement which duration is 4 minutes 20 is composed of three cheerful and dynamic themes. The first one is characterized by its descendant profile, it is played Forte. The second theme is a melodic one, it is played Piano. The third theme is given by the trumpet at ba r 25, it is played again as a dialogue with the quintet and has got a dynamic character. At the bar 51 a development of the second theme will be offered by all musicians.
The recapitulation at the bar 77 gives again the first and the second theme with inversus profile. The third theme at the bar 104 will be played again with inversus profile. A development of the second theme will be offered again at the bar 136.
The coda at the bar 154 is based the first and third theme and concludes the work in a bright atmosphere.


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