String Quartet op 47
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string Quartet


The String Quartet with a duration of 20 mn has been composed in the autumn of 2013 and includes four movements.
It is dedicated to the Manfred Quartet. The first movement is composed by an expressive theme given by the cello solo. It is followed by seven variations emphasizing the counterpoint that the theme proposes.
The second movement is based on a rhythmic ostinato given by the second violin, the viola and the cello. The first violin points out the two themes during its first play which will be given during all the movement. The character of this movement is energic and dance-like.
It is the viola which gives the theme of the third movement, an expressive theme composed of four measures. Seven variations will be proposed, emphasizing particularly the dialogue beetween the different instruments. The final offers first of all two themes given one after the other by the first violin. The first theme is played Forte, the second piano. These two themes will be the ferment of all the movement, they will be presented with different contrapointic combinations. A third theme is given measure 24 and also measure 33. Its character is joyfull. It will be given again measure 84. A return to the first theme of the first movement is given by the cello just before the conclusion.
The quartet concludes in a dynamic and bright atmosphere.


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(c) Florentine Mulsant, 2012